Executive Committee

President - Annicca Prince

Annicca is a 3rd year physics student who started playing the trumpet aged 9. She has been a part of the Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band for 6 years and has performed on S4C and at the European Youth Brass Band Championships. Along with a selection of youth bands, she is also a keen member of her local non-competing band, Monmouth Town Band.

Annicca joined Brass Society in the first week of university and has loved every moment, especially going on tour to Vienna! Her other interests include baking and going walking/cycling with friends.

Treasurer - Caio Rear

Secretary - Emma Poppleton

Emma is in her third year of an Engineering degree and has been playing the trombone since she was 12. She thoroughly enjoys being in the brass band at Warwick and the rehearsals, contests and socials have been a big part of her time at university with trips to the pub after rehearsal on a Wednesday being a weekly highlight. Having been Marketing Manager for the society last year, Emma is looking forward to all that this new exec role will bring.

Aside from her studies and BrassSoc, Emma is a big Wallace and Gromit fan and also enjoys growing plants (rather limited in student accommodation) as well as exploring and learning about old buildings and places.

Marketing Manager - Lucy Page

Lucy is a Politics, International Studies and Global Sustainable Development student. She loves music, playing the cornet in brass bands and ensembles. She has been a member of Porchester, Fareham and Gosport Youth Band and a New Orleans jazz group before leaving for university.

Since joining Brass Society at Warwick, Lucy has enjoyed the taking part in competitions, concerts and carolling. Besides music, Lucy is interested in all things related to environmental politics. She is looking forward to being part of the executive for the coming year!

Concert Manager - Ellie Hassall

Ellie is a second year Politics, International Studies and Spanish student who has been playing tenor horn since she was 8, after being told she wasn’t subtle enough to play cello. Brass Society is the first time Ellie has been part of a contesting band and she is loving it (especially when we win!). Her highlights of 1st year have been winning LBBA, going up to Leeds for Tri Uni and the weekly pub trips. She’s really looking forward to being on the Exec this year and seeing what it brings!

Outside of brass, Ellie is a Warwick Rower, Social Sec of the university Horse Riding teams (yes that’s a real thing!) and has an obsession with law (catch her at any networking event where there’s free food…).

Librarian & Equipment Manager - Aphra Hiscock

Aphra is a second year studying English Literature because she is not very good at getting up in the early mornings and therefore keen to put off the possibility of her ever being employed for as long as possible. Despite being a trumpet player, whose background is mostly in orchestral playing, Aphra plays baritone in the band, which she has really enjoyed as a chance to get away from all those pesky high notes. She is really looking forward to taking on the duties of librarian and equipment manager and will try her best not to drop anything important.

Outside of band, Aphra enjoys complaining about how tiring 8 contact hours a week are, studying her collection of National Trust guidebooks and teaching her dog how to ‘roost’ like a bird.

Social Secretary - Chris Quinn

Chris started playing the cornet when he was 11 and went on to B flat bass after a couple of weeks after joining Brass Society, because why not? He grew up with his parents playing brass and used to watch Brassed Off all the time as a child. The Tri-uni trip to Leeds and UniBrass were the highlights of his first year.

Outside of Brass, Chris does Discrete Mathematics. He also likes to cook, take part in competitive lifesaving and, of course, sesh.

Symphonic Brass Coordinator - Matt Jackman

Matt is a third year Maths student and has been playing the trumpet since he was 7. Before coming to University, he had never played in a brass band - his background is mainly as a lead trumpet player, having played in several big bands and jazz orchestras in the Midlands area. He also enjoys orchestral playing, and is a member of the University's Symphony Orchestra. He is most at home as a trumpet player in our Symphonic Brass ensemble, which he is the co-ordinator of, but he can also be found sitting on soprano cornet in Main Band, and most of the time will be complaining about how much worse cornets are than trumpets or how he's taken baths in things smaller than his cornet mouthpiece.

Aside from playing trumpet/cornet, Matt enjoys composing and arranging music, listening to Strauss, Shostakovich and Gordon Goodwin (an interesting mix), playing football, cooking, and anything alcohol-related. Legend has it he has downed a pint in under 3 seconds.

Beginners Brass Coordinator - Joshua Swain

Joshua is a second year maths student from Wales. He started playing the trumpet at the age of 10 and soon joined a brass band where he moved to cornet; although he spent a year playing tenor horn he realised that he much preferred the cornet. Before coming to university he was a member of Goodwick Community Brass Band and had performed at competitions with the Pembrokeshire school's brass band.

Highlights from his first year in BrassSoc include winning LBBA and performing at UniBrass. Joshua is looking forward to the challenges being beginners brass coordinator will bring. Outside of brass he enjoys cycling and cooking chilli con carne.

Beginners Brass Coordinator - Helen Wood

Helen is a third year English and Theatre Studies student who started playing the trumpet when she was 8 years old. Since then, she achieved her grade 8 before coming to Warwick as well as being a regular member of East Sussex Music Service. This included playing 1st Trumpet/Solo Cornet in Eastbourne Youth Brass and Eastbourne Youth Concert Band and Repiano Cornet in East Sussex Brass Band. Her other interests include singing, hockey, cooking and anything to do with performing or watching Shakespeare! Helen joined the Brass Society in her first week at Warwick and she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with the band.

Highlights for her have been partaking in various contests around the country and, in particular, going on tour to Vienna! She’s very excited to be a joint co-ordinator for Beginner’s Brass this year and can’t wait to see what the next year brings for the society.